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7 Minute Security

Sep 16, 2022

Hey friends! Today we're giving you a first impressions episode all about Airlock Digital, an application allowlisting solution. They were kind enough to let us play with it in our lab with the intention of exploring its bells and whistles, so we're excited to report back our findings in podcast form.

TLDL: we really like this solution! It is easy to deploy (see this YouTube video for a quick walkthrough). Once I had it going in the lab, I tried administering it without reading any of the documentation, and figured out most of the workflows with ease. I just ran into a couple questions that the Airlock folks were great about answering quickly.

I want to better understand the "Microsoft way" to do application allowlisting - using their standard offering or something like AaronLocker. But several colleagues have told me they had "OMG moments" where a C-level staff member suddenly needed to run something like ringcentral.exe and they weren't able to because of app blocklisting. It then becomes difficult to quickly allow that .exe to run without pushing GPO updates or having someone log in as local admin or something like that. But Airlock has a cool, killer feature to address this need...take a listen to today's program to learn more!