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7 Minute Security

Sep 28, 2017


The patching solutions review concludes this week with Ivanti's patch solution, as well as PDQ Deploy/Inventory.

As a quick reminder, here's where our bake-off currently sits:

Quick reminder: none of these solutions are bribing me with fat wads of...

Sep 21, 2017


We're breaking ground with this episode, folks! For the first time in 7MS history, we've got a guest on the show (finally, right?!).

Rob Sell is an IT manager who has been working in IT for many years, with a focus on information security specifically for the last 4 years. He recently came home from Defcon 25 with...

Sep 14, 2017

ManageEngine Desktop Central

Overall, I have to bluntly say that I really enjoyed playing with ManageEngine's solution. It's got a crap-ton of features built into it - above and beyond patching - that I think IT/security folks will really appreciate.


  • Agent or agentless management of systems

  • MDM (didn't play...

Sep 6, 2017

This is it! The worldwide Internet debut of an original infosec-themed song called CryptoLocker'd, and as the name implies, it's about a CryptoLocker incident. Here's the quick back story:

A few years ago a worked on an incident response where a user got phished with a promise of a free burrito from Chipotle but instead...