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7 Minute Security

Oct 13, 2021

Hey friends! Today we're going to recap the SIEM/SOC players we've evaluated so far (Arctic WolfElasticSumo LogicMilton Security) and then talk about a new contender that was brought to our attention: Blumira (not a sponsor, but I'm really digging what I'm seeing/hearing/experiencing thus...

Oct 6, 2021

Today we're talking about Ping Castle (not a sponsor), an awesome tool for enumerating tons of info out of your Active Directory environment and identifying weaknesses, misconfigurations and paths to escalation! It's wonderful for both red and blue teamers.

Some of Ping Castle's cool features include being able...

Sep 29, 2021

Today we continue our series focused on building a security consultancy and talk about:

  • A phishing campaign that went off the rails, and lessons learned from it
  • First impressions of an awesome tool to help add MFA to your Active Directory (not a sponsor)
  • A tangent story about how my wife brought some thieves...

Sep 28, 2021

Hey friends! Today I've got some exciting personal/professional news to share: our Light Pentest eBook - which is a practical, step-by-step playbook for internal network penetration testing - is now available for purchase!

Note: this eBook and the Light Pentest LITE training are two separate things, but do cover some of...

Sep 22, 2021

Today our good buddy Joe Skeen and I virtually sit down with Matt Quammen of Blue Team Alpha to talk about all things incident response! Topics covered include:

  • Top 5 things to do and not do during ransomware event
  • Challenges when responding to ransomware events
  • Opportunities to break into infosec/IR
  • The value of...