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7 Minute Security

Feb 25, 2021

Hello friends!  Today, Joe (Gh0sthax) and I complete our series on CRTP - Certified Red Team Professional - a really awesome pentesting training and exam based squarely on Microsoft tools and tradecraft.  Specifically, Joe and I talk about:

  • We don't think the training/exam is for beginners, despite how its...

Feb 19, 2021

Hey everybody! Sorry that we're late again with today's episode, but I got COVID shot #2 and it kicked my behind BIG TIME today. But I'm vertical today and back amongst the living and thrilled to be sharing with you another tale of pentest pwnage! Yeah! This might be my favorite tale yet because:

  • I got to use some of...

Feb 11, 2021

Happy almost-mid-February! Today Gh0sthax cooked up some great news stories for us to chew on, including:

Feb 4, 2021

Today's featured interview is with Marcello Salvati of Black Hills Information Security. Marcello is a.k.a. byt3bl33d3r, and known for his many contributions to the security community. We here at 7MS first became familiar with his work after using CrackMapExec on our penetration tests, and today we sat down with...