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7 Minute Security

Aug 5, 2022

Hey friends, wow...we're up to thirty-nine episodes of pwnage? Should we make a cake when we hit the big 4-0?! Anyway, today's TLDL is this:

If you get a nagging suspicion about something you find during enumeration, make sure to either come back to it later, or exhaust the path right away so you don't miss something! Because I did :-/

A tip that's been helping me speed along my use of CrackMapExec and other tools is by using Kerberos authentication. You can grab a ticket for your test AD account by using Impacket like so: victim.domain/LowPrivUser export KRB5CCNAME=LowPrivUser.ccache 

Then in most tools you can pass the cred by doing something like:

crackmapexec smb DC01 -k 

In my enumeration of this network, I used Certipy to find potential attack paths against Active Directory Certificate Services. Something cool I learned is that Certipy will spit out both a text and json dump so you can import into BloodHound and then pair that data with their custom queries json file for beautiful visual potential pwnage!

I ran into an issue where my certificate shenanigans resulted in an KDC_ERR_PADATA_TYPE_NOSUPP. I originally gave up on this attack path, only to learn about this awesome PassTheCert tool from this rad blog post! After initially being hesitant to use a tool I'd never heard of, I raised a GitHub issue to calm my nerves and, shortly after, found myself doing a domain admin dance.

Oh, and although I didn't use it on this specific pentest, coercer is an awesome tool that helps you, ya know, coerce things!