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7 Minute Security

Feb 7, 2020

This podcast is sponsored by Arctic Wolf, whose Concierge Security teams Monitor, Detect and Respond to Cyber threats 24/7 for thousands of customers around the world. Arctic Wolf. Redefining cybersecurity. Visit to learn more.

Believe it or not I'm pentesting your stuff
I never thought I could feel so free-hee-hee
I compromised one of your Domain Admins
Who it could be? The guy with "Password123"

In today's episode we're talking all about building your own password-cracking rig! "Wait a minute!" you say. "Are you abandoning the Paperspace password cracking in the cloud thing?" Nope! I'm just bringing that methodology "in house" for a little better opsec and also because last year on Paperspace I spent thousands of dollars.

First things first - here's the hardware I ended up with:

For a full shopping list and more notes, head to!