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7 Minute Security

Dec 6, 2018

On a recent security assessment I was thrown for a loop and given the opportunity to do a two-part physical pentest/SE exercise - with about 5 minutes notice(!). Yes, it had me pooping my pants, but in retrospect it was an amazing experience. This is the mission I was given:

  • See if you can get the front desk staff to plug in a USB drive - I posed as John Strand and armed myself with a fake resume. And as I approached the front desk I suddenly panicked and thought, "What if the front desk person is a BHIS fan?!?!?"

  • Break into a door with weak security and steal equipment - I was given a plastic shiv and asked to try and get into a secure area in the middle of a busy office morning. No pressure, right?

Was I successful? Was I arrested? Find out in today's episode!