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7 Minute Security

Feb 25, 2021

Hello friends!  Today, Joe (Gh0sthax) and I complete our series on CRTP - Certified Red Team Professional - a really awesome pentesting training and exam based squarely on Microsoft tools and tradecraft.  Specifically, Joe and I talk about:

  • We don't think the training/exam is for beginners, despite how its advertised
  • Both the lab PDF and PowerPoint have their own quirks - which may ultimately be teaching us not to be copy-and-paste jockeys, and instead build our own study guides and cheat sheets
  • Don't let the training give you the idea that most pentests have a super fast escalation path to DA (ok yes sometimes they do, but usually we spend a LOT of hours working on escalation!)
  • Watch the walkthrough videos.  We repeat: WATCH THE WALKTHROUGH VIDEOS!
  • Although not required, we highly recommend capturing all the flags laid out for you in the lab environment
  • Know how to privesc - using multiple tools/methods
  • It would be to your advantage to understand how to view/manipulate Active directory information in multiple ways
  • You start the exam with no tools.  So how will you be ready to upload/download tools into the exam environment so you make the most of your exam time?
  • Tool X might give you wrong results - or none at all - in the lab.  Do you have a backup tool Y and Z that can serve the same purpose?
  • You want to be very good at Kerberos ticket crafting!
  • Know all the mimikatz commands and switches and when to apply them