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7 Minute Security

Jul 8, 2022

In today's episode, I try to get us thinking about our extended family's emergency/DR plan. Why? Because I recently had a close family member suffer a health scare, and it brought to light some questions we didn't have all the answers for:

  • Do we have creds to log onto his computer?
  • How about his email accounts?
  • Do we have usernames/passwords for retirement accounts, bank accounts, etc.?
  • For vehicles/ATVs/boats/etc. - do we have documentation about their service records? How about titles?
  • Can we get into his phone to get key info off of text messages and grab phone #s of key contacts?
  • What are his wishes if he were to pass? Do not resuscitate? How is the money getting handled? Cremation vs. burial?
  • Do we have redundancy in this plan, or is it all on paper in a file somewhere?