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7 Minute Security

Mar 30, 2022

Welcome to another fun tale of pentest pwnage! This one isn't a telling of one single pentest, but a collection of helpful tips and tricks I've been using on a bunch of different tests lately. These tips include:

  • I'm seeing nmap scans get flagged a bit more from managed SOC services. Maybe a "quieter" nmap scan will help get enough ports to do a WitnessMe run, but still fly under the logging/alerting radar? Something like: nmap -p80,443,8000,8080 subnet.i.wanna.scan/24 -oA outputfile

  • Using mitm6 in "sniper" mode by targeting just one host with: mitm6 victim-I-want-to-get-juicy-info-from -d victim.domain --ignore-nofqnd

  • Using secretsdump to target a single host: -target-ip localadmin:@ -hashes THIS-IS-WHERE-THE:SAM-HASHES-GO. Note the colon after localadmin - it's intentional, NOT an error!

  • Rubeus makes password spraying easy-peasy! Rubeus.exe spray /password:Winter2022 /outfile:output.txt. Get some hits from that effort? Then spray the good password against ALL domain accounts and you might get even more gold!

  • LDAPs relaying not working? Make sure it's config'd right: nmap -p636 -sV -iL txt-file-with-dcs-in-it