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7 Minute Security

Jan 28, 2021

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great week. Today Gh0sthax and I do a brain dump and recap of a cool (and mind-exploding) course we took last week called Enterprise Attacker Emulation and C2 Implant Development. In the tangent department, we also touch a bit on:

  • The Fargo TV series
  • Our upcoming interview with Marcello (a.k.a. byt3bl33d3r) from BHIS
  • This Key and Peele sketch
  • I just took my CRTP exam, which we've talked about a lot in the past
  • 7MS is trying to up its pentest game by learning how to write beacons/implants. One project that's really cool in this respect is from MrUn1k0d3r