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7 Minute Security

May 7, 2020

Hey everybody! I hope you're hanging in there during quarantine and staying healthy. Today is part 3 of our ongoing series all about becoming a PCIP. The good news is I'm finallyactually registered for the cert and have started diving into the training! So in today's episode I want to regurgitate some of what I'm learning to whet your appetite (or not) for this particular certification. Specifically, we cover:

  • The overview and objectives for being a PCIP (TLDR: PCIP does NOT replace QSA or ISA, but gives us a good understanding of how to protect payment card data)

  • How and why payment card data is leaked/stolen/breached - and then sold/monetized

  • The definition of some fundamental PCI acronym soup, including PCI DSS, PA-DSS and P2PE