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7 Minute Security

Mar 26, 2020

In today's episode I share four fun stay-at-home security projects - three with a security focus and one centered around music. Let's gooooooooo!


The Folding At Home project helps use your GPU/CPU cycles for COVID-19 research. From the Web site:

We need your help! Folding@home is joining researchers around the world working to better understand the 2019 Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) to accelerate the open science effort to develop new life-saving therapies. By downloading Folding@Home, you can donate your unused computational resources to the Folding@home Consortium, where researchers working to advance our understanding of the structures of potential drug targets for 2019-nCoV that could aid in the design of new therapies. The data you help us generate will be quickly and openly disseminated as part of an open science collaboration of multiple laboratories around the world, giving researchers new tools that may unlock new opportunities for developing lifesaving drugs.

It's awesome! Since I run my cracking rig as a headless Linux install, I followed the advanced install and then used the command line options to run FAHClient standalone (only because personally I don't really love running extra, always-on services on any of my boxes).

It looks like FAH is having a good problem in that there are more resource donors than research to number-crunch on! Keep tabs on the forums for up-to-date information.

See more information at!