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7 Minute Security

Dec 12, 2019

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This is part three of this series - part 1 talked about a fire that destroyed my family's home and vehicles, and part 2 was about how to get "back on the grid" and start working with the insurance machine to find a new "normal."

Today, I want to answer some burning questions many of you have been asking:

  • Have you hit rock bottom yet? (Spolier alert: no, but I tell you about a moment I almost lost my mind after dropping a shoe in a storm drain)

  • How long to you get to keep rental cars before you have to replace your permanent vehicles?

  • Do you have to stay in a hotel the whole time your house is rebuilt?

  • What about if you get placed in temporary housing - do you have to rebuy your beds/furniture/clothes/etc. and keep them at your temp place, then move them again once your house is rebuilt?

  • What adjustments might you want to make to your insurance policies to make sure you have the right amount of coverage in case of emergency?