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7 Minute Security

Sep 13, 2018

Today's episode is brought to you by my friends at Netwrix. Their amazing Netwrix Auditor tool gives you visibility into what’s happening both on your local network and cloud-based IT systems and tells you about critical changes, and when and where people have been accessing data. Give it a spin right in your browser here, and then try it in your environment free for 20 days!

Well I'm geeking out big time because today I chatted with John Strand of Black Hills Information Security, SANS instructing, Security Weekly, Active Countermeasures, RITA and more. Some people think he looks like Wash from Serenity or Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball, and others get upset when they learn he's not John Strand the male model.

I've followed John and his team's work since I got started in security, and they've been a huge inspiration for what I do at 7MS. If you're not watching the BHIS Webcasts stop what you're doing and subscribe now! They're all full of practical, hands-on security advice - often complemented by tools that are totally free!

Anyway, enjoy today's interview where John and I talk about how to make pentesters' jobs harder, and why he'd rather be a security advisor to Katy Perry than Donald Trump.