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7 Minute Security

Sep 6, 2018

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Today I'm super pumped to be joined by Ryan Manship of RedTeam Security and Dave Dobrotka of United HealthGroup. Both these guys lead red teams for a living and had a lot of great insight to share as it relates to:

  • The definition of "red teaming" and where it overlaps, if at all, with pentesting
  • Successfully running red team campaigns
  • Defending against a red team campaign
  • How to climb unclimbable walls
  • Is antivirus any good at stopping attackers?
  • The importance of 2FA and training your end-users
  • How to fool the "This email originated outside your organization" email banners
  • How to break into red teaming as a career
  • How to successfully break into a casino (or not)

Other links and things mentioned in today's show:

  • RedTeam Security's awesome YouTube video on breaking into the US power grid

  • If you're a red teamer and in the Twin Cities area (or willing to drive a bit), you definitely want to sign up for ArcticCon coming up on October 23-24 at the Optum World Headquarters. Head to the link and sign up - if there are seats left!

Once you listen to today's episode, please let me know if you'd like Ryan and Dave to come back for another interview. We were thinking it would be a blast to talk about the details of planning a red team engagement!