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7 Minute Security

Aug 1, 2018

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Today's episode is a follow-up interview with Joe Klein, who is my good pal, a former coworker, and a SOC analyst extraordinaire. You might remember Joe from things such as...this podcast - episode #290 to be exact.

When we last left Joe, he had just started an exciting new journey as a SOC analyst, and also picked up a new sweet gig teaching college-level security courses. So Joe and I sat down last week in the 7 Minute Security studios to talk with Joe about:

  • How to be an absolute beast at networking
  • Seizing new opportunities (even if it seems scary)
  • Good certs for security newbs (and not-so-newbs) to pursue
  • Life as a SOC analyst
  • How to learn security by teaching it!

This interview was an absolute blast to work on with Joe, and after it was over, neither of us could believe that the run time was nearly 2 hours! So in order to help you navigate the episode and have the best listening experience possible, we created the following "Choose Your Own Adventure" timeline with the high (and low?) discussion points of the interview. Enjoy!

(Interview timeline available on 7MS under episode #321)