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7 Minute Security

Dec 14, 2017

My pal and former coworker Joe Klein joins me in the virtual studio to discuss:

  • His career as a diesel mechanic and insurance guru
  • How to leave a stable job, take a huge pay cut and start a risky infosec internship (sounds like the name of a broadway musical!)
  • The start of his new career as a SOC analyst
  • The importance of having a career cheerleader/mentor
  • Being hungry for knowledge and certifications without being ashamed or afraid to look like a newb
  • CompTIA Security+ and Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops certs
  • The proper pronunciation of the word "dude"
  • How to do a proper Arnold Schwarzenegger impression

Other references made in the episode:

Joe welcomes your comments, concerns, insults and questions via email (listen to today's episode for the address!) or Twitter.