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7 Minute Security

Oct 5, 2017

I'm excited to announce I'm going to be a PacktPub author! I'm going to work with them to create a course on network/vulnerability scanning. I'm pumped, but kinda nervous, so when I had the initial conversations with PacktPub staff, I made sure I hit them with my burning questions:

Q: Are you going to ask me to create a sweet course and then pay me pennies for every digital copy sold?

A: No. Authors get paid a lump sum up front and then share in profits for digital copies sold.

Q: Who's gonna dictate the project outline - as well as timeline for recording it?

A: It's a joint effort. The author dreams up the timeline, fine-tunes it with PacktPub, and then hammers out a mutually agreeable project timeline.

Q: Do I have to buy some expensive software/hardware to make these videos?

A: Not really. PacktPub did recommend I buy a better microphone (so I got a Snowball), and then they license authors a copy of Panopto to record the videos.

More Qs and As covered on today's episode!