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7 Minute Security

Aug 17, 2017

I ran out of time in episode #272 to tell you about why preparing to be a speaker for ILTACON was way more stressful that preparing for Secure360 a few months ago. The main points of difference/stress were:

  • ILTA wanted to see PowerPoint deck progress weekly, whereas with Secure360 it was pretty much "Your talk is accepted - see you at the conference!"

  • ILTA is going to show a "speaker slide" with bio a few minutes before the sessions starts. That way the session is focused on content (and probably avoids people who like to talk about themselves too much :-)

  • ILTA requested my PowerPoint and handouts a few weeks before the session so they could put on their Web site for attendees to see. Although that put some pressure on me to get content done early, I think it's great because presumably some people at the talk will have screened the content and therefore be more tuned in.