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7 Minute Security

Jun 2, 2017

I'm continuing to love the our PwnPro and had a chance to use it on a customer assessment this week. For the most part the setup/install was a breeze. Just had a few hiccups that the Pwnie support team straightened me out on right away.

In the episode I mention some command line tools and syntax that helped me work with the Pulse. One was using fping to sweep large subnets and accurately find live hosts:

  fping -a -g > blah.txt 

Then, to setup the reverse shell, I just forwarded port 22 from my Ubiquiti gear to my internal Kali host, and then ran this to make the reverse connection:

  ssh pwnie@localhost -p 3333 

Lastly, to setup the reverse shell so you can proxy Web traffic to an alternate host/port, such as the Nessus port, setup your shell like so:

  ssh pwnie@localhost -p 3333 -ND 8080 

Then leave that window open and setup your Web browser so that you do a SOCKS5 proxy to localhost:8080. Finally, visit So if your Pulse was and had Nessus running, you'd visit