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7 Minute Security

Dec 30, 2015

The title says it all. I had two days to pentest a network that probably would've taken two or more people two weeks or more. I laughed. I cried. I had fun.

Dec 29, 2015

This episode talks about some fun I had using sqlmap, and how using it in conjunction with Sqlninja makes me happy to be alive.

Dec 27, 2015

In this episode I talk about face-planting in my office at the first job I had out of college.

Dec 27, 2015

In this episode, I talk about a restaurant infosec assessment I did, and how the recommendations coming out of that assessment didn't fit the standard "mold." I also talk about how being transparent and helpful - and NOT billing clients for every tiny little thing - is king.

Dec 27, 2015

This episode covers a few HIPAA tidbits I picked up while preparing for - and executing - a HIPAA security assessment.